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Main Office: 605 Old Norcross Rd.
Lawrenceville, GA 30045
Telephone: 770-962-1231
Fax: 770-513-2107
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Office Policies

Cancellation / No Show Policy

At Kidney Hypertension Clinic, PC, we do our best to schedule your appointment in a timely manner. We ask that you notify our office more than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment if you must cancel. It is our office policy to charge $50 for a new patient and $25 for established patients that no show for their appointment or do not provide more than 24 hours cancellation notice.

Arrival Time / Late Policy

We make every attempt to see you at your appointed time. To ensure that we run on time, we ask that new patients arrive 30 minutes and established patient arrive 15 minutes prior to appointment time. If you are running late we may need to reschedule your appointment. If your provider does agree to see you late, you will be handled as a work-in appointment and will be seen when the schedule allows so that other patients' appointments remain on time.

Patient Information / Patient Portal

In order to maintain accuracy in your patient record, we require that you give our office current information at every visit. This includes your name, changes to address or telephone number, changes to your insurance, changes in your health status, and information about other health services that you may have received. Our office uses a patient portal to enhance communication with our patients. At your visit, we will ensure that you have access to our portal. You may contact your doctor's medical assistant through the portal with health questions or medication refill requests. In addition, a summary of your visit and the results of any labs drawn in our office are available through the portal.

Insurance and Payments

Kidney Hypertension Clinic, PC will file claims with most insurance companies. We ask that you pay any and all required payments at the time of service. Required payments may include your copay or the full visit charge if you do not carry insurance. If you have an outstanding balance, our staff will notify you prior to your appointment. If your insurance company requires a referral for you to see us, we will attempt to obtain this referral prior to your visit. If your Primary Care Physician does not provide a referral, we will contact you for your assistance or to reschedule your appointment. If you have questions about what you will be expected to pay or whether a referral is needed, please contact our billing department prior to your appointment. We accept the following forms of payments: cash, check or credit card (including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express).

Reguarding Refferals from Primary/Another Specialty

All patients who are insured by the following plans (HMO/PPO/POS) cannot be seen without a written referral from a primary care' specialist. The referral must be obtained prior to making an appointment with our office. This is a provision of your insurance policy, and the patient is ultimately responsible for obtaining the referral. If you are seen Without the referral, you will be responsible for payment of the bill. It is the patient's responsibility to inform the office of any changes to insurance coverage such as, termination, change of plan, policy#, group#, and/or policy holder. Medicare patients who do not have a supplemental insurance will be responsible for the 20% that Medicare does not pay, at the time of service.

All Co-pays are to be paid at the time of service as well. If you do not pay at the time of service we may refuse to provide services to you. This is a provision of your insurance as well.

Medication Refill Policy

We require that you bring all of your medications, including any over-the-counter medications, to your appointment. At your appointment, we will provide you with enough medication to last until your next appointment.

We will refill controlled medications only during appointments - no exceptions.

If the medication you take requires renewal of a prior authorization, your refill may be delayed. Our office is not responsible for the timing of prior authorization approvals by your insurance company.

If you need a refill between these visits, you must call the office to schedule a prescription refill appointment with one of our providers. If you need an urgent refill, we will charge $20 in advance to complete the refill. Please understand, prescription refill fulfillment is still up-to the provider's discretion. We have partnered with Nephron Pharmacy, located at our Lawrenceville location, to credit the $20 on behalf of the patient.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Forms

If you have a FMLA form to be completed, please allow up to 10 working days for completion. Due to the complexity of these forms, we charge a fee of $25 that must be paid prior to form completion. Kidney Hypertension Clinic, PC does not complete long-term disability forms.

Refund Policy

If you are due a refund on your account, and you have not received payment in a timely fashion, please call our billing department to assure that we have your account posted correctly.

Pharmacy Policy

Kidney Hypertension Clinic has partnered with Nephron Pharmacy located right here in our Lawrenceville location.

The partnership allows for an extra layer of care for the patients and allows the pharmacist and providers to have direct communication to ensure patients' benefits will best cover prescribed medications. Our pharmacists will discuss with providers and patients on alternative medications to ensure patient is able to afford treatment plan.

While Nephron Pharmacy will work with Kidney Hypertension Clinic's providers to ensure medications and treatment plan are in the best possible medical and finacual options for patient, medication costs are determined by patient's insurance benefits. these costs will be universal and equivalent to non-partnered pharmacies. Nephron Pharmacy's prescriptions can be picked up, or mailed (2 business days) at no cost to patients.

Our physicians can collaborate with our pharmacists to review, alter, and observe the medications based on how the patient responds. Our pharmacists will act as an extra set of eyes and will work to prevent possible errors when it comes to prescriptions and also ensure the best the most cost effective treatment plan for the patient.

Patient may call to request prescriptions to be transfered out at any time with no penalty.

Nephron Pharmacy
605 Old Norcross Rd
Lawrenceviile , GA 30046

Meet the Medical Team - Advanced Practice Providers

At Kidney Hypertension Clinic, PC, we pride ourselves on providing quality care at all levels within our practice. Our medical team includes board-certified nephrologists, advanced practice providers (APPs), and certified medical assistants.

The APP medical team consists of nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs). Each of our APPs has earned an advanced degree: either a master's degree in the field of nursing or a master's degree as a physician assistant. This team conducts physical examinations, diagnoses illnesses, writes prescriptions, develops treatment plans, and instructs/counsels patients. Each of our APPs is trained to recognize when a patient needs the attention of a supervising physician or another specialist.

As a patient at Kidney Hypertension Clinic, PC, you may be scheduled with an APP for the following appointment types:

  • Hospital follow-up appointments
  • Follow-up visits
  • Nephrology education visits

For follow-up visits, it is the policy of Kidney Hypertension Clinic, PC that you will see a physician and an APP on alternating visits. In other words, when you check-out after your visit with your physician, you will be scheduled to see a member of our APP team on your next visit.

You are in great hands with Kidney Hypertension Clinic PC's Medical Team!

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