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Main Office: 605 Old Norcross Rd.
Lawrenceville, GA 30045
Telephone: 770-962-1231
Fax: 770-513-2107
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About Your Care

Our patients are entrusting us with their most precious resource, their health, so we promise to treat patients the way we want to be treated, with a standard of excellence that enables our patients to openly communicate with our providers who in return will use their expertise to provide a personalize and actionable roadmap for better outcomes.

Your Care Team

Each patient is assigned a dedicated care team. Your practitioners work as a team, side-by-side, to ensure your care is coordinated and comprehensive.

Lead Physician (MD)

You'll meet with your nephrologist who will lead the team to ensure best possible plan of care.

Associate Providers

Along side your Lead Physician, your care team will include associate physicians and advanced practice practioners allowing your care team to have the most expert opinion and comprehensive care. These providers will report to your Lead Physician and will consult each other to offer second opinions at no additional cost. All team members have hospital privileges ensuring seamless continuity of care and assurance that your KHC nephrologist will already be familiar with your care.

Wellness Team (Pharmacist and Dietician)

At any time you, can request to speak to our registered dietician for nutrition and wellness assessments. Our pharmacist is on site and will do an audit of all your prescriptions to ensure your medications meet our providers' intended plan of care. Both the dietician and pharmacist will work with your Lead Nephrologist and back-end administration to ensure prescriptions are affordable, safe, and easily accessible. We'll have them ready before you leave or deliver them to you home!

About Your Visits

The First Visit

At your initial visit, we'll discuss your medical history, pain points, and health goals. Your first visit is a one-hour, in-person meeting with your Lead Nephrologist with a full physical examination, lab work, and wellness assessments done on site.

The Second Visit - Care Plan Review

At your follow-up visit, we'll review your lab work and discuss your care plan which will serve as your personalized roadmap. Your team will check-in continuously to help you stay accountable and work with you to update your milestones as you make progress.

Diagnostic Visits

We'll schedule you for ultrasounds, ABI testing, and other preventive diagnostic testing to ensure our providers get a complete picture of your renal health. These tests are also extremely helpful in catching often missed conditions, and our practice has the ability to perform these tests in-house and sometimes same-day for added convenience.

Remote Care Management

Your care doesn't stop because the appointment is over. We provide a 24/7 concierge-style care management. We provide our patients with smart health monitoring devices that alert our providers of any unsafe readings. We'll call you and alert you of potential concerns and request a follow-up visit, a change in medication, or, in some cases, we may send you to the emergency room.

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